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Mockingbird is expanding our team of volunteers!  Along with the daily chores, we have an ever-growing to-do list every day and we’d love your help crossing some of those items off our list!   We have daily, monthly, and special event volunteer opportunities that are always available, (weather and pandemic conditions permitting).   

Mockingbird is expanding our team of volunteers!  Along with the daily chores, we have an ever-growing to-do list and we’d love your  help crossing some of those items  off our list!  

Volunteer Tasks

  • Daily Volunteers

    • Cleaning:  stalls, paddocks, water buckets, barn sweeping, grooming animals

    • Maintenance:  Trimming the weeds around the fences, mowing the grass,  making any repairs


Shifts Available: Morning, Afternoon, Early Evening, Weekend

Each shift takes 2-4 hours, weather depending


  • Monthly Volunteers (All Day Projects)

    • Building, repair, gardening, larger maintenance projects, stacking hay, painting, deep cleaning

    • 10 Volunteers at a time

    • Skilled or certified professionals for larger projects appreciated


  • Special Event Volunteers

    • Help prepare and clean up after any farm related events.


Monthly volunteers commit to long days accomplishing projects.


Each shift may last several hours (4-7), weather depending

and typically on weekends.

Are you ready to help?

Email Us or DM us with the following information:


  1. Have you ever volunteered at an animal sanctuary before?

  2. Do you have large animal experience?

  3. What is your availability for volunteering?

  4. How did you find Mockingbird and why would you like to volunteer?

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