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We are expanding our team of volunteers!

We have daily, monthly, and special event volunteer opportunities that are always available, weather and CDC guidelines permitting. Anyone of any ability, race, sex, gender, creed, or identity is welcome and encouraged to apply. We also are a farmily of United States military veterans from all branches, skill sets, and experiences throughout our service. Our co-founder is a USAF disabled veteran and our resident designer is a USAF combat disabled veteran of 12 years as well. We work closely with Wounded Warrior Project as well as other veteran charities and non-profits and will be hosting more veteran-only events very soon!

We are a very open and loving family of volunteers and staff, and you will always have a safe and loving environment here at Mockingbird!

No prior farm experience is required, but any knowledge and skills will definitely help. We will train everyone on the proper and safe procedures of everything that goes on during your volunteer visit.


Looking to volunteer at Mockingbird Farm Sanctuary? 


We have a variety of tasks available for daily and monthly volunteers. Daily tasks include cleaning stalls, paddocks, and water buckets, as well as facility maintenance. Monthly volunteers can help with larger projects such as building, repair, and gardening. We also appreciate skilled professionals for bigger projects. Special event volunteers can help prepare, help at a booth, be a tour guide,  and clean up after farm-related events.

Please join us for a rewarding experience!​

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