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This is SO exciting!

Read more about Pigs on Parade 2024!

Each year the Wayne Masonic Lodge selects a charity to fundraise for. This year Savannah Pig Rescue has been chosen. But keep reading!!

Mockingbird sponsored a pig to paint and support our friends, planning to promote Savannah’s fundraiser because we will do anything to help our friends.

We offered to allow our supporters to sponsor pigs through us, and then they told us that every pig sponsored through Mockingbird, we will receive $12 per pig and .50 cents per vote for the pigs purchased through us! 😭

So both Savannah AND Mockingbird will benefit from this fundraiser!

Here is the catch- they need to be purchased and painted no later than April 26th!

This is how it works (there are a lot of working parts so please ask questions)!

Sponsor a pig kit for $50.00. The pig is 12 inches long and 8 inches high and is made of nine separate layers of wood. The nine layers are then glued together to show the various dimensions. Sponsors assemble, paint, and decorate the pig kit.

ALL pigs are going to spend most of the year traveling to different events to be voted on. Votes are also counted on Savannah Pig Rescue’s Facebook page.

The pigs will be returned or auctioned off after a ceremony on October 18, 2024.

Every vote is $1 and the winner will be announced in October!

If you vote 10 times, you will even receive a wooden Savannah pig rescue medallion!

Here is how you participate:

1. To purchase pigs that benefit Mockingbird specifically, you can find them in our online store or purchase them in person here at the farm. SPR can also deliver if relatively close.

2. Paint your 9 layer pig however you choose and glue it all together!

3. Mail or drop your pig off at Mockingbird or Savannah once complete OR submit a photo. (Before April 26th, 2024).

4. If you want to keep your pig and you’re out of state, just send us a photo so it can compete in the voting contest!

5. Fill out the sponsor form ours or Savannah’s website. We can also email it to you. Mail it, scan it or send a photo- whatever works for you!

6. To purchase and sponsor: You can purchase the pigs through our site, mail a check or drop cash off at the farm. You can also PayPal Savannah using their email: Check must be made out to Wayne Lodge 416. Ideally mail the completed form and check to: Wayne Masonic Lodge P.O. Box 3, Ontario, NY 14519. Make SURE you note that you purchased your pig through Mockingbird if you want to support our herd too!

So let’s do this Mockingbird farmily! How many pigs can we paint? We only have until April 26th!

Check out the pig Audrey and I just painted!

Every single animal is a rescue of ours.

Please contact us directly or for any questions!

Pigs on Parade 2024

  • If you require the sponsorship form to be emailed to you, just let us know!

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