We welcome you to join us on a 90 minute walking tour of historic Mockingbird Farm Animal Sanctuary!
Mockingbird is home to 16 different species of animals, each telling their very own story of hardship, survival, resilience, and found peace. You will get the opportunity to meet most of our animal residents up close and personal.
We are so excited for you to meet the animals you’ve grown to adore and support through social media and we look forward to welcoming you!

Only 20 tickets are available for this tour

After the tour concludes, you’re welcome to browse our gift shop if you’d like to purchase merchandise or browse literature and displays!
Your tour ticket purchase directly contributes to the ongoing care for the animals at Mockingbird Farm Animal Sanctuary. Donations while visiting are also graciously accepted.

Tour information:
An information and safety briefing will be conducted upon arrival. At this point, all guests are required to sign a liability waiver. When and if taking photos, we ask that you please keep your flash off. We ask that no one wander from the group, and if you have questions, please don’t be shy!

Be sure to account for drive time!
Tours start promptly at the scheduled time according to your purchased ticket. If your arrival is late, we cannot guarantee you a full 90 minute tour. Please plan to arrive 10-15 minutes before your scheduled tour to sign in, meet and greet the Mockingbird humans and receive your briefing.

In order to ensure safety of our residents, staff, volunteers and guests, certain areas of the sanctuary are not accessible to the public.
Mockingbird Farm Sanctuary works to ensure equal access to all of our guests and does not discriminate based on a person’s disability. We will make every reasonable accommodation possible. If you have special accommodation requests and would like to set up arrangements, please promptly send us an email at: mockingbirdfarmny@gmail.com

For the safety of visitors, staff, volunteers and animal residents, please leave your beloved companion animals at home for your tour.

For important safety reasons, group tours are limited to ages 12 and older.

Be sure to stay informed about the weather forecast for the day of your tour! We have a few recommendations for your preparation.

 Please be sure to bring:

Layered Clothing

Close toed footwear
Waterproof boots are encouraged
Water bottle (water for refills will available)
Snacks (please keep it vegan)!

See you at the farm!


***Parking Info***

Please feel free to pull into the main farmhouse driveway. You will be met by a volunteer to assist you with a parking space.
Mockingbird Farm Animal Sanctuary
5978 Upper Holley Road
Byron, NY 14422

Sunday August 14 Farm Tour