Donations are always accepted and very much welcome to continue our day to day operations of the sanctuary, and to care for each and every one of the residents that we care for.  

A monthly or yearly donation plan is available below and are greatly appreciated.

We also accept cash, check, as well as donations via Paypal or Venmo. 

 Donations via our Amazon Wishlist for supplies, food, medicine, and more to help our residents live a comfortable and very happy life are always appreciated.

For one-time and amazon wishlist donations, please scroll below for options.

All donations are tax deductible

EIN: 821517678 - Established in 2015  - 501(c)3 granted in 2017


Please Choose Your Donation Plan

  • One Meal Per Day

    Every month
    Feed one of our residents one meal per day
    • Bag of Feed

      Every month
      One Bag of Feed Per Month
      • 10 Bails of Hay

        Every month
        10 Bails of Hay for the Residents a Month
        • Bedding

          Every month
          Bedding for our Residents for One Month
          • Gold Tier Member

            Every month
            Become our Animals Favorite Human!
            • Free Name Plaque On Fencing
            • Free Merch of Choice
            • Free Event Registration
            • Free Tour of the Sanctuary
            • And Much More!

          One-Time Donations

          As well as monthly and yearly donation plans, we also greatly appreciated one-time donations and Amazon Wishlist items.  Please select an option below to make a one-time donation to Mockingbird Farm. 

          Thank you very much for your support!