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Rufus,Rory and Ralphie

Thank you for sponsoring the luckiest trio!

Rufus, Rory and Ralphie are domestic ducks who were mercilessly dumped into a public pond with wild waterfowl (during the outbreak of highly pathogenic and often deadly avian flu). The dumping of domestic ducks across the country has become a massive problem that rescues and sanctuaries cannot keep up with. Domestic ducks cannot migrate, they can't find their own food or shelter and often die terrifying deaths by predators or starvation. We are extremely dedicated to this cause and have recently built a large aviary just for ducks.

Rufus, Rory and Ralphie had been surviving on their own for several months while park goers fed them occasionally. They had a fourth flock member who did not make it. Our mission to capture them and bring them to Mockingbird was successful! They were starving, had lice and Rufus had a fractured wing and injured leg. He made a full recovery though will require wing clipping bi-monthly to relieve the weight of his feathers. They have been in quarantine for quite some time and they are about to meet the other 5 ducks and become a flock!

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How to Sponsor
Rufus, Rory and Ralphie


Please make your monthly or yearly donation selection below.

The minimum monthly sponsorship gift is $25/month, and the minimum annual sponsorship is $180.


Donations can be made via credit card or Paypal.  All donations are processed securely.


NOTE: Monthly and annual sponsorship contributions will be automatically processed on an ongoing basis, using the payment method provided. If you would like to cancel your sponsorship at any time, please contact us at

NOTE: Please confirm the name of your adoptee that you would like to sponsor on the form. Just click the, "Dedicate My Donation" box under the donation amount and add the residents name in the "In Honor, Honoree name" section.

By participating in the Sponsor a Resident Program, you’ll help provide the necessary support to care for Rufus, Rory and Ralphie as well as helping to give the best love and care throughout life here at Mockingbird.

As a sponsor, you’ll receive a digital certificate featuring your sponsored animal as well as a 5”X7” photo. You also have the opportunity to schedule a one-on-one hang out with these three without paying any tour fees!


NOTE: Please confirm the name of the animal you are sponsoring on the form. Just click the, "Dedicate My Donation" box under the donation amount and add the residents name that you are sponsoring, in the "In Honor, Honoree name" section.

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